New Passenger Port

The first picture of Bratislava for the guests from ships will be replaced with this new Passenger Port.
Currently there is the old building of Bratislava Passenger Port on the left bank of the Danube river, just few steps from the historical downtown, where the cruise ships dock. The so called “communist architecture” is not very welcoming for the guests, however the city of Bratislava and the owner of the building decided to invest 3,5 Million Euros to the reconstruction.

Bratislava Old Passenger Port

The works should start at the end of this year and a new Dock in Bratislava can be seen at the latest in winter 2015!
Our offices are located across the port and therefore we eagerly await the start of reconstruction works, too. On the top of the building a new hotel with 48 rooms and a terrace open to the public will be created. We worry a little about the reconstruction of the parking place near the port. The capacity of this new parking lot will include 85 cars but the investors plan only 6 places for coaches! During a busy day when many ships dock it is really hard to imagine how it should work with the start of sightseeing tours knowing that all of the ships want to start their services during similar timing…

At the latest in the season 2016 the first view of Bratislava for the guests from ships will be replaced with this new Bratislava Passenger Port.
Bratislava new Passenger Port